Our own quality produce/products

The great names of Basque cuisine usually say their secret is simply a question of quality products such those produced in Donostialdea.
Loyalty to tradition in crop growing and cattle farming, not to mention the great care and love involved result in their being greatly appreciated by locals and foreigners.
This is just a brief outline of the Donostialdea gastronomic offer and its produce.
Vegetable gardens

Straight from our vegetable gardens

Seasonal produce grown according to tradition. With all the taste and nutritional properties.
You must try the Astigarraga peas, Aginaga peppers and Donostialdea tomatoes.

From our mountains

From our mountains

Betizu the autochthonous cow breed which lives semi-wild.
Suckling kid and lamb.
Idiazabal Cheese and Artzai Gazta.
Seasonal mushrooms and edible fungi.



Traditional market every 2nd Saturday of the month in Hernani where the farmers of the area directly sell their seasonal produce to the public.

Aginaga elvets

Aginaga elvets

An elvet is a baby eel.
They have been caught along the Oria riverbank since time immemorial, and are highly appreciated, making an exquisite dish for those special occasions.


Organic Agriculture

Many local farmers have opted for organic production along with environment and health friendly methods.
Furthermore, there are many consumer groups.
There are guided tours at the Karabeleko organic farm in Hernani where you can learn about the farming system and characteristics of the vegetables.


Organic Agriculture

Gastronomic events

Opening of the Txotx season (Astigarraga-Hernani)

Pea Day  (Astigarraga)

Cider Day (Usurbil, Astigarraga, Hernani)

Sagar Uzta (Astigarraga)

Gastronomy Week (Lasarte-Oria)

Cod week (Hernani)

Bee day (Usurbil)

Saint Tomas Market (Usurbil)

Artzai gazta

Denomination of Origin Cheese Idiazabal and Artzai Gazta

This cheese made from raw Latxa sheep milk is the par excellence cheese of Basque shepherds, whose understanding of shepherding is the same as our ancestors. If you try it, rest assured it won’t be your last. Several Denomination of Origin cheeses, i.e. Idiazabal and Artzai Gazta are produced in our region, one of which is produced organically. You can go on guided tours of the cheese factories where you can see each stage of process involved in cheese production, from feeding the flock, milking the sheep to producing cheese at the cheese factory.


idiazabal cheese

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