The town of Urnieta is surrounded by mountains set between the Urumea and Oria valleys.

When visiting Urnieta mountains we’ll come across prehistoric remains: dolmens, cromlech, menhirs and Marizulo’s cave among others. Adarramendi at 811 metres is the highest mountain and guards the valley. However, it’s not the only possible hike. Starting from Besadegi there are multiple possibilities for mountain hikes.The Muniskue and Eteneta areas are particularly recommendable. To recover strength after a hike, there’s nothing better than a restaurant or one of the 5 local cider houses. There are also numerous options for overnight stays in the town: hotels, guesthouses, cottages, etc.


On September 29th, Urnieta holds San Miguel’s patron Saint festival. It attracts many people who live in the nearby. The “Sorgin-dantza” (Witches’ Dance) is one of the most deeply rooted event at the festival. On the other hand, there is procession at the hermitage of Santa Cruz located in the neighbourhood of Azkorte, 3-km from downtown. Apart from enjoying an excellent atmosphere we will be able to admire beautiful panoramic views of the surroundings.

Adarramendi- Oindi

SL-GI-43 (6,4Km)

PR-GI-203 (8,4Km)


Centro de Artes Escénicas

En el centro urbano se encuentra el Centro Sarobe, referente provincial en el ámbito de las Artes Escénicas.

En el mismo se montan y se preestrenan muchas obras de teatro y espectáculos de primer nivel.


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Council of Urnieta:


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