Andoain offers us a double image in its configuration.An urban one – being one of the towns with a large population in Gipuzkoa, and its nature one – surrounded by green landscapes and mountains: Oindo, Belkoain, and Buruntza; but above all it’s known as the gateway to a natural space, i.e. the protected Leitzaran Valley Biotope. The gateway of Lietzaran


The Gateway to Nature In Otieta rural park, barely 2Km from the town centre is the Leitzaran Visitors’ Centre. We can reach this via road and the Plazaola-Leitzaran Green Route. This same route perfectly adapted for the enjoyment of hikers and cyclists, today allows you to continue a further 50Km along the old Plazaola Railway layout.

Herriko plaza

Centro de encuentro Said square houses the Town Hall building, St. Martin de Tours Church and the fronton. At the top of the square we have the effigy of Aita Manuel Larramendia, an illustrious personality of the town who was a writer and driver of the Basque language and culture. Regarding the Basque language, it’s worth highlighting his work ‘The Impossible Defeated (‘Ezina, ekinez egina’) (1729), the first treaty on Basque Grammar.

Bastero Cultural Centre

Cultural space This avant-garde building is the town’s quintessential cultural space thanks to its extensive varied programme.

Links of interest

  Andoain council: Bastero Cultural Centre Tourist information points: Leitzaran Visitors’ Centre

Nafar kalea,18 (Biteri) 20120 – Hernani

San Sebastian Gipuzkoa Region

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