Enjoy the cider tradition
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Discover the secrets of the land of cider

It’s difficult to imagine the importance natural cider once had in the economy of our land. We have to imagine that virtually all the farmhouses in the area had a press for its production.

The cider was a bargaining chip, a condition for historical laws and a miracle beverage which accompanied Basque seamen across unexplored seas.

Cider has been regaining strength in recent years as an added value to the strong Basque gastronomic offer.

Txotx. Cider season

The cider season kicks off to the shout of Txotx!

In recent years the honour of kicking off the season has been granted to relevant celebrities from different fields: the actresses of ‘Loreak’, cyclist Miguel Indurain, soprano Ainhoa Arteta, chef Karlos Arguiñano, mountaineer Josune Bereziartu, pelotaris: Aimar Olaizola, Martínez de Irujo, surfer Aritz Aranburu, folk group Oskorri, chef Eneko Atxa and Aranzadi Zientzia Elkartea (Aranzadi Science Association), among others.


The ‘sagardozale’ (cider enthusiast) ritual.

In the cider house phenomenon its unique ritual, reminiscent of that commercial tasting, snacking and everything surrounding the sale.

Here are the keys:

  1. The cider is served directly from the Kupela (barrel).
  2. The Kupela is opened by removing the spigot (txotx), which acts as a plug. The majority have taps today. We queue up until the round is complete and the Kupela closed.
  3. People used to eat standing, whereas today, they are normally seated at long tables with bench seats.
  4. The menu usually consists of cod omelette, cod with peppers and T-bone steak. Cheese and walnuts for dessert.
  5. You can drink all the cider you want.





Cider season.

In January apple juice has been turned into delicious cider. The season is launched and lasts until April, which is the moment of maximum expectation and affluence; although some cider houses remain open all year round.

Sagardo eguna (Cider day)

because all our towns celebrate days dedicated to cider. Pay attention to our agenda

Guided visits

In addition, if you want to know what a cider house is like inside, via an unforgettable teaching experience, some cider houses offer guided tours.

Visit the cider house guide to see the cider houses where guided tours take place.


Sagardoaren lurraldea



If you want to know everything there is to know about cider, then you have an event you can’t avoid.

In our guide

You’ll find all the cider houses in Donostialdea.
Some also offer guided tours.

And the best selection

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