The municipality of Astigarraga combines like nowhere else the growing intense industrial activity with traditional agriculture and fishing activities. At just 5Km from Donostia-San Sebastian, Astigarraga offers enormous leisure options thanks to the beauty of its rural environment, typical cider houses, festivities and celebrations, etc.



Pilgrim hostel

The influence of the Santiago Trail on Astigarraga history is fundamental. Going up to Santiagomendi district and visit the chapel which is an environmental interpretation centre and pilgrim hostel, is a good excuse to enjoy a magnificent landscape,

Sagardo etxea

If you want to know everything there is to know about cider, then you have an event you can’t avoid.

Sagardoetxea, is more than just a museum, it’s an experience, because it’s been designed as an interactive space with activities revolving around the history and manufacture. It can also be a stroll where you can taste the delicious cider

Museum space.The history of apples and cider coupled with their cultural importance in the Basque Country. Information panels, interactive material, photographs and games.

The apple orchard. Different demonstrative activities, teachings, grafts and crops, etc.

Cider tasting. Shop.

Murgia Palace.


The Murgia Landowners had their tower-house where Murgia Palace is today.From there they exercised their dominion over the area controlling: foundries, mills, mountains and particularly Ergobia ford over the Urumea, where they charged a toll for the goods that passed. .

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