Lasarte-Oria is a very young municipality, which was not constituted as the autonomous municipality of Lasarte-Oria until 1986. Its privileged location between Donostia-San Sebastián, Usurbil and Hernani meant the enclave dominated by the Lasarte family during the Middle Ages was disputed for years by neighbouring municipalities.  

Zubieta Hippodrome

Horse races and athletics  

Martín Berasategui’s restaurant

3 Michelin stars Martín Berasategui’s restaurant with 3 Michelin stars is a world reference.

San Pedro (16th century)

The 16th century church of San Pedro with rectangular layout and 3 naves of different heights .

Convent of Las Brigidas

Religious building Of Baroque style, it was founded by Mr. Miguel de Oquendo and Mrs. Teresa de San Millán, a couple who wanted to raise a shrine to hold a 7 cm image of Our Lady of Consolation, an image of about 7 cm brought from Brazil in 1683. In 1964, the convent was declared an Artistic Monument. In terms of its architecture, it is dominated by the central body of the church or chapel, with a triangular frontal façade and pitched roof, attached to the sides are two lower symmetrical bodies, also pitched but with a longitudinal ridge.

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Lasarte-Oria Town Council:

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