Hernani was an oval-shaped walled town with 5 entry gates, 2 of which have been preserved likewise the majority of the streets and buildings from the Middle Ages. It is one of the Basque historic-artistic sites classified as a Cultural Asset under the category of Monumental Complex Medieval town and cider culture


Cider culture Cider culture has a great presence in Hernani. With a total of 12 cider houses from January to April (Txotx season), cider is breathed from all 4 corners. www.hernaniturismoa.com


Medieval town hernani-eliza etxeahernani hernani-atea
  • Agustindarren plaza
  • Egino etxea
  • Hiria sartzeko arkua
Bookings and information on guided visits, tourist packages, etc. turismoa@hernani.eus 943337028 www.hernaniturismoa.com

Chillida Leku

The culmination of Eduardo Chillida’s lifelong dream. A sculptural space in itself, where he stamped his vision of shape, space and accumulated time. Booking: 943 335963 www.museochillidaleku.com


A beautiful trip for all family where you’ll get to know Hernani in a different way. Every Saturday in February, March and April likewise Good Friday. www.hernaniturismoa.com

Santa Bárbara

Hiking or Climbing Santa Barbara is a district in Hernani. On the hill there is a chapel and a fort from the Carlist Wars It’s also part of a route apt for families with children (Laiaren ibilbidea), which starting from the tourist information point heads to mount Santa Barbara. In addition to this route, Hernani has a further 11 hike paths of different lengths and difficulty. www.hernaniturismoa.com

Links of interest

Council of Hernani hernani.eus Tourist information points: www.hernaniturismoa.com

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